Battling Words

Thou dare'st to call that Poetry!?!  
No rhyming words that articulate 
Thou hast taken no care in their preparation 
Why dost thou not throw thy words into the air  
Letting them plunge wherever they may  
Prisoners of their demise

Your idea of poetry amazes me
You speak of whining, singing words
You arrange the words like puzzle pieces
Using words like wilt, thine and thou
Your language is quite outdated
Speak the language of today

Thine written words  
Are coarse and crude  
Thou thrust them upon thine paper  
Expecting them to know what they must do  
There is no artwork for the words thou choose'st 
Thine words convey no visions or mood

Your words are sugary and sweet
Not the words spoken in the streets
You speak of your heart being on a string
No one knows what your words should mean
Your words have no strong impression
They sound more like a singing Lesson

Mine words are emotions 
Deep from within 
Forming phantom illusions 
In the eye of the mind
With soft, spoken words 
Have I silenced the crowds 
Accomplishing that which I set forth to do


Property of Joy Elaine -- December 1999
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