Norman Franklin III
Knights really do exist. . .


This is the man in my life that is healing 20 years of hurt.
He spoils me and makes me feel like I'm the only woman on Earth.
Somehow, he chipped away at the walls I had built around me.



Our Hour

The depth of your rich, golden brown eyes changed my life forever
I built the walls so carefully, giving no one the chance to step into my life
I tried to push you out, faithfully you stood by my side
I had done the unthinkable, thinking you would go
you gave me more of yourself -- why?
I will never know
Looking into the mirrors of your soul, causes time to end
I can watch your eyes forever
as they change from gold to brown again
They capture feelings from within your heart
giving me somthing to depend on once again
I had lost my hope in mankind, and within myself withdrew
Then I looked into your eyes, and knew what I must do
With the merging of our eyes, I knew the pain I caused
I made a promise to myself -- if you are hurt -- never again will I be the cause
The doubts and fears of the world have slowly let me go
I discovered something about myself
Deciding to let you know
I whispered in your ear that night; I will always love you so

Joy Elaine -- February 7, 2001



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