A quest which begins with interminable doors
Drifting on time -- wanting to uncover the meaning of why
Diamond sprinkled beaches absorb my mind
Giving way to endless blue blankets swaddling my form
Methodically luring me with the sounds of it's roar

Blue darkness drapes over my inquisitive eyes
A nudging dolphin encourages me to explore from inside
Leading me to thoroughly sift through the sands
To uncover the antiquities of the ancients one's plans
Knowledge that once sat in the palms of their hands

Swathing found treasures deep into protection
To rest unspoiled in a bed of caressing soil
For another to question and awaken once more
Searching for meanings that never were told
It's the small things in life that you tend to watch grow

The richest man overlooks beauty unseen in a glance
The alluring jellyfish dance
To the sound of illusions sung only by a dolphin band
The embrace of the water as you rise to stand
To walk in reality of those that can't understand

Drifting away while held by the sand
I see the eye with it's wisdom overseeing the land
Cloaked in her shroud of ethereal slivered diamonds
She freely sprinkles them over the shifting sands
Only those searching for answers will wonder why -- and understand

Property of Joy Elaine -- January 11, 2002


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