Baby retrieved from garbage
of an abortion clinic.



American Portrait Films,
Center For Bioethical Reform,
Tidleweb & John Hart.




A Choice
was made freely
the moment enjoyed
two lust filled minds
Well Aware
that when
two lie together
a new life can form

A child
when created
should be protected
from harm
the child
is brought forth
no Choice of it's own

A father
walks away
from responsibility
A Choice he is given
so he may live free

A woman
has Choices
the life which she holds
End it's life now
or allow it to grow

A childless pair
through no Choice
of their own
Weeps for the child
they could have known

The heart
of the child
is now quiet and still
It's life just ended
with no Choice to be heard

Joy Elaine -- December 20, 2002


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