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Crawling out of bed to put on a simulated smile
Feeling much more wasted away each day
Drifting off in old memories of familiar faces and unforgotten smiles
Remembering the hugs of those cherished loves

Self inflicted pain distracts me with regards
Exerting an influence on that emotional pain
Residing deep within a harrowed heart
Frequently more debilitating than physical pain dominating the body

Ravaged by the jailer known as Sleep
Casting glances through windows masking the demeanor
Of a withered but once beautiful face
Traces mapped upon delicate skin show the tracks of hunting rest

Emotionally bonded with misery
Reminding the body sentimentality should not be swallowed
Hungering for treasured assumptions
Leads to the fogs of loneliness where laughter can not survive

Inspiration vanished along the side of passion
Plundering all fondness of pleasurable possessions
Falling to outwardly held hands
While all the painful symptoms slowly slip away

Joy Elaine ~ December 22, 2011 - Edited September 9, 2017

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