Shadow Courting



She receives her invitation on a promise spoken with no words
As a luminous pearl rises to rest against a black velvet sky
A symphony sails on whispers of the wind growing nigh
She prepares to dance in the arms of the shadow tonight

She steps into a gown of shear, spider-silk lace
Lilly of the Valley cascades along the delicate curve of her face
Dew drops of crystal echo with each taken step
Her restless heart calmed with a deep taken breath

A pearl stands in splendor to rule the night court
Revealing the dark suitor silhouetting a dimly lit wall
His hand outstretched -- longing for intimate dances once reminisced
Bound together for all time in a night meant for seclusion

Nimble fingered spiders -- meticulous masters at their art
Adeptly spinning veils masking the darkened room
Holding hostage the unsuspecting flickering fireflies
Casting an alluring mood upon the twosome quite entwined


Property of Joy Elaine -- January 28, 2002


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