Fairytale Fringes

Uncertainty unknown
When living life on fragile paths of fairytale fringes
The one seeking you out
Diligently hands out the silken wings
Allowing you to soar above the complexity
That has only one wish

To bind you
So that it may silence the stirring of what it doesn't understand
Dark overpowering fingers rain down upon you
Pointing blame in one direction
Harnessing the difference because we all must be the same
The inspiration loses hope

Stalked by terror
Frozen in darkness for fear of being found
By an intimate intruder knowing the weakest moment who
Waits. . .Persistently, Patiently. . .Waits
Avoiding to open your eyes for a mirror image shows you
The force to make it all end

Radiant rejuvenation
Blankets your battered body into believing once again
For the one seeking you out
Holds out the mended silken wings
If only you are willing to take the chance
Breathing in fresh life

Continual endurance
Is a must when living life on the path of fragile fairytale fringes
Tip toeing along intertwined threads of exquisitely made rope
Careful not to slip causing the rope to slither into a knotted noose around your throat
To regain the silken wings
Being held out in hope

Property of Joy Elaine -- Revised September 04, 2001

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