Forgetting Something You Don't Want to Forget

Steps to Forget

Paths of learning opened wide
in things I had long forgotten
I began to learn to trust again
as I walked along your side

A path of hopes and aspirations
instill beliefs that I can stand strong
You saw my strengths and believed in me
when darkness came to overcome

A path of passion beckoning to be explored
Persistent patience of two headstrong minds
constantly pulling at our hearts
ripping and tearing as they are pulled apart

A path of selflessness and caring
knowing we could never be
Actions that are painful and confusing
as you began to pull away

A path by choice to set you free
loosening my arms reluctantly
When my mind drifts off to you
I find a pen and paper too

A path of thoughts remember you
and how I wish they could be true
This is my way of releasing you
aware that we must go our separate ways

A path of afflicting agony
as I write my thoughts of you away
Perhaps one day you will know
my thoughts of you meant more to me

These are my steps to try forgetting what I wish to hold on to

Joy Elaine April 4, 2018

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