Children of the Grim Reaper


Hannah Goth (Teen)


  Bella Goth


Johanna Goth (Child)

 Bella Goth disappeared mysteriously and was kept from her family, or so that is what they believe. Some believe that Bella is just a very good actress and left on her own, only to come back just in time to claim her husband's fortune as her own.  Or. . . was Bella truly the victim of some planned out scheme.  Some believe so, because upon the arrival of the Caliente Twins many strange things have happened in the quiet little town of Pleasantview. Some believe that Bella fell victim to an even darker scheme as she remembers a strange dark faceless man and she returned home pregnant.

Hannah was that child.  Mortimer raised Hannah as his own.   After Mortimer's death Bella was once again visited by the strange faceless man and she became pregnant once more, giving birth to another daughter who she named Johanna.


Hannah and Johanna's Father





Hannah Goth (Toddler)


Hannah Goth (Child)


Hannah Goth (Teen)


  Johanna Goth (Toddler)


  Johanna Goth (Child)

Hannah and Johanna's father has never attempted to contact them; Bella believes it is best to keep that information from them.  But. . .Bella is once again pregnant by that dark faced stranger. . .what does he want from Bella? Will she be able to keep her secrets from her daughters?