The Goth Family

Mortimer and Bella


Bella was the new girl in school back in their high school years. Mortimer caught a glimpse of Bella and he knew he was in love. Bella was everything he could have hoped for. She came from a good family. She was beautiful and she had a grace about her. Her every move effortless as she seemed to float just above the ground with each step she took.

Bella and Mortimer dated all through high school and on graduation day he proposed to his high school sweetheart.  And so. . . a few months later Bella wed the most sought after bachelor in Pleasantview. They believed their lives could get no better. It wasn't long that their little family grew with the birth of a daughter, Cassandra and a son, Alexander.






Bella and Mortimer were known as the most perfectly happy couple in Pleasantview, but that all changed with the arrival of new comers -- Pleasantview has never been the same.






The Caliente twins moved into town first, and it became well known by the entire town that these two women  wanted fame and fortune.  Don Lothario moved into town making claims of being wealthy, but his money was all tied up in investments. That's when strange things began to happen. Dina's fiancÚ mysteriously disappeared and was found dead in a deserted part of town.  Bella had caught the attention of Don, but she was married to Mortimer and he had no intensions of losing his wife to this despicable man.

Bella disappeared on a night when claims were made of seeing strange lights moving in the Pleasantville skies.  Don had a short affair with Nina Caliente and most of the other female residents, but then he set out to win the affections of Cassandra Goth. Mortimer was fit to be tied. Mortimer offered several large rewards for any information about his wife, Bella.  This is when Dina Caliente stepped into Mortimer's life. She did everything she could to make him forget about Bella. This distraction was just what Don needed so that he could persuade Cassandra to marry him.

A few more years passed by and still no one had seen or heard from Bella. Mortimer had given up hope of ever finding her. Alexander was now a young man and ready to head off on his own in college.


  Alexander (College)



Mortimer finally believed he was never going to see Bella again, and on his way home from work he decided he was going to propose to Dina.  He walked into the house and he felt the hair on his neck stand. He smelled a scent he had almost forgotten -- Bella's perfume.




Mortimer stood there silently watching. He was afraid that if he moved she might just vanish. She didn't disappear, however their lives were not as they had intended. Things had gotten complicated. Dina was not happy about Bella's sudden return. Don still wanted Bella, and he was engaged to Cassandra. Bella could not remember where she had been or what had happened to her. She only remembered that it was this strange man that had found her. . .  


She had no idea how long she had been with this man, but she was certain that she was pregnant. Bella had no memory of how she became pregnant or with who she was pregnant by.


Bella could feel the new baby growing inside her, and all her time was spent getting ready for the baby to be born. When she wasn't doing that she spent the hours alone and resting.


She would wait for hours hoping that Mortimer would come home, but it seemed all those years apart had made them grow apart. It didn't help that Dina was always trying to cause trouble or the fact that Bella could not remember what had happened to her and she was pregnant. Obviously something had happened! But Bella didn't know if she was a willing participant or a victim.  So Mortimer began spending more and more time at the Cooking Club.


Mortimer finally decided to enter his favorite lobster dish into the cooking contest. The contestant all stood proudly next to their dishes as the judge tasted each one.


And he wins!!

How hard could winning have been when one of the entries was sandwiches and another was toaster pastries. But it still felt good to win.

Hannah Goth

Cassandra Goth's Family