The Goth Family

Hannah Goth


Bella was home alone and she began having sharp pains, she knew the baby would be here soon. That day seems like it was only yesterday, but now Hannah is growing up so fast. She is walking and talking and so curious about everything.






Bella carries a secret about Hannah. A secret that only her and Mortimer know. Bella doesn't know what to do; she doesn't know whether should tell Hannah when the time is appropriate, or try to shield Hannah from ever finding out.






Hannah was such a good baby. She would sleep peacefully for hours in her little bed. 





Hannah loved to draw. She would sit in her room and draw little pictures and show them to Bella and Mortimer proudly. 




Mortimer spent a lot of time with Hannah. He took care of her while Bella was away at work during the day. He enjoyed teaching Hannah new words. They would spend hours reciting nursery rhymes. But Mortimer was beginning to feel his age. He was beginning to tire easily. He never spoke of this to Bella. They just learned that Bella was pregnant again. Mortimer was looking forward to having a new baby in the house and a playmate for Hannah.

Bella had to take time off from work due to her pregnancy. She had been very ill with morning sickness this time. Bella was also planning a birthday party for Hannah. They planned on inviting the whole family over to celebrate. 

Cassandra was very excited about the party and came over early to help Bella with the decorations. But something unexpected happened. . .


A strange visitor showed up and told Mortimer it was time for him to take a long trip. Bella was hysterical. It wasn't fair; Mortimer had just found each other again, and they were going to have a new baby soon. The dark stranger didn't seem concerned. Then Bella realized who the stranger was. . .this was Hannah's father!


The stranger told Mortimer it was time to go now, and then Mortimer was taken away from them all. Bella was grief stricken, but she had to pull herself together for Hannah. So the family went on with the plans they had made for Hannah.


Bella picked up Hannah and hugged her tightly. Then she showed Hannah her birthday cake. Hannah was so excited. She pointed and said, "Cake"! Mortimer had taught her so many new words. Now she would have to try to make Hannah understand that Mortimer was gone.


Now it was time to blow out the candles and make a wish; Bella wished that Mortimer was brought back home to them.


Hannah danced and sang that night.


It seemed like Hannah grew up so quickly. Bella never could  figure out where the time seemed to go.

Morticia is Born