The Goth Family

Changing of the Goths


Hannah met a new boy named Bob. Morticia didn't like him much, this one was different.
He took Hannah out all the time and he was always leaving roses for her in the yard.




But Hannah had fun with Bob, they liked to hang out at "The Hub" singing and clowning around. It took Hannah's mind off of things that had been worrying her lately too. Hannah knew that Morticia would be upset when she found out she was going away to college soon. Hannah worried about her little sister. Hannah was also worried about her mother, there were rumors going around Pleasantview that Bella had been learning dark magic from an evil witch that lived in an obscure and dangerous part of town. Hannah had been considering asking Cassandra or Alexandra to take Morticia in with them. Hannah knew that would break Bella's heart. Bella had never been the same after her father's death. She didn't know if Bella could handle another ordeal in her life, but she wasn't sure if Bella was capable of taking care of Morticia in the state of emotion she was in now.

This weighed heavy on Hannah's mind and Bob took all of the worries away ~ even if it was for a little while.



Johannah (Toddler)


Bella finally came down from upstairs with a surprise for Hannah and Morticia. Morticia was excited and happier than Hannah had seen her in months. Hannah was surprised, but now she had so many more unanswered questions. Bella had not been sick with the flu, but had been pregnant with another baby girl.  Hannah questioned Bella as to how this happened. Bella really didn't know, but reminded Hannah about the nightmares she had several months ago. Hannah remembered her mother's dreams. Bella swore she thought they had just been nightmares but she was so unsure now. Hannah thought the whole story sounded like a story someone had made up, but Hannah knew her mother didn't lie. Bella had even taught her and Morticia to always be honest, she didn't condone lying of any sort.

Hannah began to wonder if her mother was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, but Bella seemed to be her old self again now that we knew about Johannah. Her mind was as sharp as it had always been. Hannah knew about her mother's strange disappearance. It had never been explained as to what had really happened. Bella was never able to remember. Hannah thought about those days, it was just before she was born.

Morticia didn't care about any of these details she was just so excited to have a new baby sister, and she had missed their mother. Morticia was happy spending time with Bella and Johannah. Hannah felt better about tying up her plans to move away to college.





Bella returned to work now that she felt Johannah was old enough to stay home and be cared for by the butler. He had been with their family for many years, and she trusted him. He had always been so wonderful helping with the children when they were tiny toddlers. One evening Bella brought home a new friend ~ Nathanial.  Bella seemed happy once again.




Nathanial asked Bella out on a date and Hannah was surprised that her mother accepted. She knew Bella liked Nathanial, but she wasn't sure if Bella was ready to begin dating yet. Bella returned home from their date looking beautiful, her eyes sparkled in a way that Hannah had never seen before.

Bella and Nathanial had begun dating regularly. Their house was beginning to look like a floral shop with all the roses that Bob and Nathanial had left for them. One night Nathanial called Bella and asked her to go out with him, he had something important to tell her. Bella dressed quickly and was nervous. This was something new, Hannah had always seen Bella very much in control. Bella rarely got nervous. Nathanial knocked at the door and whisked Bella away to go eat dinner.


Nathanial seemed a little nervous tonight. Bella could barely eat anything. "Bella, I know we haven't been dating that long. But when I'm away from you ~ all I can think of is you! "Bella, I love you!


"Bella, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"


"Oh Nathanial"!


"It's beautiful"!


"Do you like it?" asked Nathanial. "Does that mean you will marry me?"


Bella placed his ring on her finger and looked at it. The waitress came to their table to take their plates. She winked at Nathanial, "I think her answer is yes."  "Oh yes! Yes, I will marry you!"  Bella and Nathanial went home to tell the girls the good news.


Before they went inside Nathanial took Bella in his arms and kissed the woman that made him the happiest man alive!

Bella and Nathanial told the girls that they were getting married. They decide that Nathanial would move in to make the adjustments easier for everyone. Hannah was overjoyed and told Bella that she was going to move away and go to college. Hannah had worked hard and earned several scholarships. One for good grades, and one for dance. She would be leaving for  college tomorrow so she could prepare for the new semester. Bella looked at her beautiful daughters and wondered what had happened to her babies. They had all grown up. Mortimer would be so proud if he could see them.


Hannah (College)


Morticia (Teen)


Hannah (Child)

Bella Goth Johnson

Morticia Goth