The Goth Family

Morticia Goth


Bella and Morticia


Bella welcomed the birth of Morticia. She was a sweet distraction which helped her get through the days without Mortimer. She decided to name their daughter, Morticia, as a namesake to Mortimer. 






Bella stayed busy tending to the needs of the children. She took this time to study up on her cooking during the long nights when she couldn't sleep. It had always been Bella's desire to be a famous chef. Bella's friends and family kept telling her she needed to get out and meet new friends. Bella had become somewhat secretive and would often lock herself away in an upstairs room. The people in Pleasantview wondered what Bella often did by herself up in that room. Rumors began to circulate around the quiet little town about the happenings of those inside the Goth home.



Morticia (Toddler)


Hannah (Child)

The house was full of the sounds of children. Hannah and Morticia was always running after her big sister, and when she got her attention she would giggle and laugh. Hannah loved to dance, where ever there was music you could find her. Hannah kept telling Bella that she was going to go to college and she would become a famous dancer. Morticia's favorite pastime was trying to stick objects in small holes. Sometimes they fit and sometimes they didn't, but Morticia kept trying anyway.





Bella always started the day with bathing Morticia.  Morticia loved the water and always tried to swim around the tub. Bella would make up short little stories as she washed Morticia, and it wasn't long before Morticia began remembering the stories and she would tell them to Bella.




Morticia loved the fish tank, just like Mortimer! She would stand in front of it and watch the fish swim for hours if she were allowed to do so, but Bella believed there were other things in life just as important as watching fish. Bella taught her how to use crayons, and they listened to music together. Morticia liked when Bella would hold her in her arms as she slowly danced to the music.


Bella couldn't believe it was already Morticia's birthday again. The girls were growing up so fast. Hannah was already a teenager and thinking about going off to college. Bella wanted a quiet night with the girls this year, so she baked Morticia's birthday cake herself, she was so excited when Bella picked her up and held her so she could see the candles burning on her cake. She smiled proudly when she blew out all the candles.


Morticia seemed to grow up in front of Bella's very eyes.


Morticia (Toddler)


Hannah (Child)


Bella was often locked up in the upstairs room now. Strange odors were always seeping down the stairs. Sometimes they thought they heard Bella chanting, and she had begun to spend a lot of time with her new friend Julia. Alexander didn't like Julia at all, as a matter of fact it would be safe to assume that they were enemies.  Alexander was always trying to tell Bella to stay away from Julia, he thought she was nothing but trouble.

They also noticed that Bella had been sick with the flu for a very long time. Sometimes when she could sleep they heard her talk about a dark stranger. She kept repeating, "Why have you come back?" When the girls tried to talk to Bella about her talking in her sleep Bella told them it was nothing to worry about ~ it was just a nightmare.


Hannah was very popular in high school and she was always bringing home new friends. Morticia's favorite was Chelsea. She was funny and always made her laugh. Chelsea loved to dance the Smustle.  Hannah also began dating, Morticia didn't like that. She didn't want her sister to get married and move away.



A Goth Surprise

Hannah Goth