The Goth Family

Alexander Goth


  Alexander (First day at College)


The day Alexander decided to go to college was a proud day for Mortimer. His young son had grown up into a fine young man. It was a grand day indeed, being back on the old campus showing off his son to those still alive that remembered him. Mortimer told his son how proud he was and left so that Alexander could begin his new life as a young adult.

Alexander had no problem with his studies, he had always been an excellent student, this left him a lot of time to cultivate other hobbies.


Alexander followed in his father's footsteps -- he too had always enjoyed cooking, and like his father he also wanted to win a cooking award.  One day Alexander decided to try his luck. He went to the Cooking Club and baked his secret recipe for his Baked Alaska.  The judge took his time sampling each contestant's entry. . . and the winner was. . .Alexander! He was proud of his accomplishment, his Baked Alaska had won over his cooking instructor's Baked Alaska! He was feeling confident that afternoon as he walked back to the college dorm.




Alexander had been watching her for several weeks now. She was the most intriguing girl he had ever met. He had been to nervous to ask her out. She would smile at him and say "Hello" or casually talk about the weather. Alexander didn't think he stood a chance with her.

But this afternoon he felt confident! He could succeed at anything today! He got back to the dorm and there she was. . .Robin. His heart began to pound wildly as he walked up to her and asked if she would give him the pleasure of taking her out to dinner tonight.  She accepted, Alexander took her to the best restaurant in town and treated her to a lobster dinner. They had a date that Alex had always dreamed of.

Robin and Alex dated all through college. Graduation day was almost here and Alexander had been working hard to arrange for his future plans.





Graduation day had finally come. Alexander had done well in college and he even saved some money. He had a dream to fulfill, and that dream involved Robin. After graduation day Alexander moved back to Pleasantview and got a job doing what he loved. . .cooking. He began looking for the perfect house to move into. . .





The home he intended to ask Robin to move into and make him the happiest man on Earth. He was going to ask Robin to marry him.







Alexander invited Robin over for dinner. He cooked her dinner and showed her his new home. He asked her if she liked the house, and she told him the house was beautiful. It would be a perfect house to raise children in some day she said with a hint and a smile.

Alexander couldn't wait any longer and he pulled out a small box from his pocket. He asked Robin to be a part of his life as long as they lived as his wife. Robin excepted.

Alexander's Wedding