The Goth Family

Don and Cassandra Lothario


  Cassandra (Her wedding day)


Cassandra set the date for the wedding quickly.  She didn't want to give Don any time to get cold feet and change his mind.  She knew that Nina Caliente would try to ruin her wedding day, so they had a quite little ceremony behind her parent's home. The butler was given strict orders NOT to allow Nina inside the house under any circumstances.

The wedding music began to play and the guests were instructed to take their places - the ceremony was about to begin.


Cassandra's eyes sparkled as her and Don vowed to be faithful until "death do we part". As Don softly recited his promise to love "her" and cherish only "her", Cassandra believed him.




Don kissed his lovely "rich" bride as they were pronounced . . .

Mr. and Mrs.  Don Lothario

Cassandra was excited and happy to begin her new life as Don's wife.






They had bought a little home next to Cassandra's parents. As Don looked down into his bride's eyes he began to believe that he could possibly change and love this one woman for the rest of his life. 





It was Don and Cassandra's first Christmas together. Cassandra stayed busy decorating her new home for the holiday.  There were lights and wreaths, and reindeer and snowmen. Cassandra decorated the outside and the inside of the house.  .  .







Cassandra was not only excited that this was her first Christmas with Don, but she was also going to tell her family that she was pregnant with their first child. Mortimer and Bella did not really approve of her marriage to Don. Cassandra was hoping the news of a grandchild might make them more excepting of Don. 


Cassandra decided it was time to relax and rest after all the work she had done today. Don also felt the need to relax and warm himself by the fire. . .


Cassandra was often found resting in the baby nursery, day dreaming about the day when Don and her bring their new daughter home.


Baby Lacey