Hannibal's Gospel

You walked humbly beside me as Judas feeding me to foes
Clearly pointing me out with the most affectionate of pose
I will solemnly say grace with your tender young wife
While the noose slowly tightens -- pray for redemption of your unworthy life

My demeanor isn't evil -- I am merely misunderstood
I shall serve you quite warmly to impress upon you to do good
Be mind full dear boy -- please do have a bit more
Must I consistently remind you -- mind your manners for they are poor?

I hunger for nourishment with the beating of my loved one's heart
Lingering long on her lips -- not wanting to part
I would not hesitate to adorn her with a crown bejeweled with the sun
I ask only one courtesy of her -- permit me the opportunity to run

Property of Joy Elaine -- January 17, 2002
Inspired by "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris

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