All of my life I have made up stories inside my mind.  I've done this for many reasons. . . one reason was to entertain my siblings.  Nights in the little town of Johnsondale can be quite long to young minds. . . so I told my little brothers and sisters stories sometimes to settle them.

Seems kind of silly now.  I had to hoard away paper to draw out silly pictures and write down stories to go with them.  Those days seem so simple looking back on them now.

I also use those stories for survival. . . when I find life to difficult out in the world - I sink back into my mind and make my thoughtful world real. . . at least inside my own mind it becomes real for a little while. . .


Bob Wills
Grandma Biggerstaff

I Like to Write

Ben's Poem

Uncle Jelly Sanders
Grandma Hampy
Uncle Gene Hart





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