Porterville location: In Central California near the western edge of the Sequoia National Forest. Porterville is 165 miles north of Los Angeles and 254 miles south of San Francisco

Between 1849 and 1852, many gold-seekers passed through this area. A few began to notice the good soil and decided to stay. Gradually, stores were built and by 1860, when Royal Porter Putnam came to town, there was a small village. He built a store and hotel at what is now Oak and Main. The city is named for Putnam. His middle name was used because another Putnam family lived nearby.
The incorporation date of Porterville: May 7, 1902

The population of Porterville is approximately 41,009 (2000).
The approximate number of families is 10,073 (1990).

Porterville elevation is 459 feet above sea level.
The Porterville city flower is the Iris.
The Porterville city color is Orange and Green.



The first house is the Zalad house, One of the first homes in Porterville. The second picture is a home that was built in the stump of a large tree.


My favorite thing about my town are the trees. We have several very large Oak trees scattered through out the town.

Many love to enjoy cooling off in the natural water slides in the hot summer time.
Others choose to relax at the lake, fishing or boating.





Some prefer an outing to the Sierra Nevada's walking among the giant redwoods.  


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