A Piece of Paper

Two people bound together -- by a little piece of paper
A piece of paper written up on the basis of promises made
Like intricately, delicate crystal -- promises appear beautiful and are easily shattered
Promises made with no consideration to what they really mean
Tucked away -- out of sight
Does the promise no longer need to be kept?

Love, Honor and Cherish
What do these words really mean?
In sickness and in health
For richer or poorer
Promises -- are they only for good times?
Or should we love the other just as much as our self -- even when times are tough?

Till death do we part
Don't these words mean forever?
Doesn't a person's word count for anything?
Love and honor was never in them
For when bad times came
The promises on the little piece of paper -- fade away

A piece of paper that we sign our name on
Losing sight of what seemed important
Another paper takes it's place
A piece of paper that tells us we can break the promises that were made
Easing the conscience -- so that we can walk away and feel no remorse
Look into our children's eyes and show them -- a promise means nothing

Marriage -- nothing more than a piece of paper packed away in a cardboard box
Small papers with the images burnt into them
Continuous reminders of promises no longer spoken
Scattered amongst the little piece of paper we signed
On top of them all -- a new piece of paper relinquishing us from all our promises
Two people separated -- by a little piece of paper

Joy Elaine -- 1998

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