A journey leading nowhere on
Clouds of sorrow within diamond dusted skies
Overwhelmed with the feeling -- why even try?
One last dance where no man can pry
Illusions hold me as I cling to justification of obeying my mind

Promising peace without intrusion
Wavering upon clouds cradling my weary steps
As flickering stars in flight kindle my path
Showing me the faceless man holding out his consoling hand
Undertaking the means to end my confusion

My heart pierced with their shattering plans
A dance of enticement leisurely begins
Consumed with a numbness at the thoughts of man
I grasp out for the Shadow Man's hand
My soul falls to pieces and covers the land

A solitary reminder of dreams I once craved
A desire to destroy what it refused to descry
Constricting the dreams as a boa unwilling to give in
As it holds on to it's prey and swallows it whole
Will they hold up this piece and wonder why I let go?

Property of Joy Elaine -- January 15, 2002

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