Finely tuned words thoughtfully set
On an ordinary piece of paper
Twisted and turned to form an image
In one's mind
Ideas kept alive through time

Some will read it endless times
Proclaim it a work of art
Others will say it is a waste of time
Line the cage of a singing bird
Carpet for it to walk

Emotions scribbled on a single page
The blood that pumps inside your veins
You proudly offer your treasured words
Uncaring ones throw them back at you
Your fragile heart is torn in two

Mischief and fantasy -- perhaps a hope or two

Happy Frivolity!
But, what of sorrow, and deepest despair
Expressions of those that just don't care
Is this not also poetry?

Darkness wraps around the soul
Boney fingers which won't let go
Reaching out
Bringing back the hurtful haunts
You write the words to let them go

Memories of long ago
A story to share -- a place you know
Quiet meadows -- Tranquil hills
An unknown town -- adventure all around
A damp, dark cave--your personal hell

A dream to take you far from here
Write it down -- lock it away
And when you're gone and breathe no more
They will find your words and read them someday
Perhaps they will call it Poetry

Property of Joy Elaine -- November 1999

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