Precious Love

Precious is Jehovah's gift
Hands extended with generous delight
Patiently watching
Outcomes of chosen first steps
Allowing decisions for directions we go
Wandering here. . . or perhaps over there
Consequences acquainting the lessons learned

Does this gather good?
Cradled with Peace. . .
And Security felt
From our most loving Father
Jehovah God
or does it infiltrate. . .
The desires of my heart?
Temptation. . . maliciously
Coerces and whirls
Dancing deep within desires of the heart

Jehovah keeps watch
But does not step in. . .

Protection is offered
With Fatherly hands. . .

Anticipation of Promises clearly shown
A loving embrace
From the Father known

Jehovah watches. . .
Always lighting the lane
Bestowing the wonders

Encouraging steps
From perfectly promised
Fatherly Love

Joy Elaine - May 18, 2017 - Edited May 19,2017 Inspired by: Words Written Down for our own well being from our own precious Father Jehovah God

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