Rare Things

It's rare
finding someone so humble
placing needs of others beyond their own
Rarer still
is someone who loves and cares
for another's child
but more rare
when he wants to take that child
give them his name
and calls them his very own

Selfless love
is such a rare thing
It is rare to find someone who forgives
even more rare
when he forgives over and over
never bringing it up again

It's a rare conception--someone working two jobs
regardless of feeling tired and isn't well
but more rare
when he worked those jobs deliberately
and yet. . .
you never knew at all

Something more rare--
is finding that he worked those jobs
not only to provide your needs
but his wish was giving you something
you really loved
just to see you smile

His crystal, blue eyes
rarely showing anger
A man who never swears
is uncommonly rare
Cursing profanity was never allowed
within his family

Trust is a very rare thing
Not only did I trust him
He trusted me
Exceptional fathers are the rarest things in life
any yet. . .
I was honored with one
The most rare thing was. . .
he "chose" to be my father
the rarest gift of all

Joy Elaine - 1999; revised May 17, 2007;
revised March 29, 2018; revised April 2,  2018



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