Young Love

When I was young
I met a boy
Who stole my heart away

I loved him so
As young girls do
And told him everyday

He took me places I had never been
We walked among the stars
We gazed into each other's eyes -- never to betray

On one bent knee, he looked up at me
From the heavens he snatched a star
He slipped it on my finger and proposed to me -- this way

But I soon learned as many do
Young Love is often cruel
Today he found another and threw my heart away

I sit alone with my broken heart
Mending all the pieces
Perhaps, I will give it to another -- someday

Property of Joy Elaine -- 1987
DAVID.gif - 31538 Bytes Regrets

My life is spinning out of control
Love of my life
Gone forever
Six feet under
In a deep dark hole

Sleeping forever
Out of sight
All alone
My memories
Hidden beneath a cold gray stone

A promise of love
I gave to you
Move on
Is what they say
But I regret, all the moments that were stolen today

Property of Joy Elaine--July 2000(revised)

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