Since I got my first computer I have loved working with graphics. Most of what I have learned has been by trial and error. Mostly error. I whited out my address and phone number -- I'm not that brave. But that is the card I made for myself.

Below is the card I made for my husband. Again I pasted over the phone number.



  Above is a link to a website I just did for a friend, that makes some really cute bows.





Above is what I did for a local Pizza Restaurant.  He wanted to be able to print his own gift certificates. This is what I came up with. They were very happy with what I did.





While in College I was asked to create a newsletter for the BEAM program. This was a class I took my first year of college. It helped displaced homemakers, and those that had not been in school for many years or those that dropped out get familiar with the campus and a college schedule.

I enjoyed creating the paper. Interviewing made me nervous, but the actual creating and doing the layouts was a lot of fun for me.