The lonely, leering night is completely full of eyes
I hear the haunting rhythm, which tempts me, once again
Proceeding silently upon well, worn tracks
The endless journey of that slow moving train

I hear the voice of the unknown, and yet it's familiar to me
From out of my world comes the six fingered hand
He whispers like honey, "I'm like no other man"
He proceeds from my world, and on three legs he stands

I see his raven, black eyes carefully contemplating me
His voice spoken deeply, intensely and methodically
"Don't be afraid to taste immorality with me"
His voice roars in my ears like the waves of the sea

I continue my journey on that slow moving train
For a night like tonight, he may call out my name
To be lost in a moment of time with no reality
Tomorrow, I wonder, will the ride be the same?

Property of Joy Elaine --1999

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