No Turning Back


Pacified by the compliant child
Demons harnessed with the sparsest gold
Lie soothed for many years inside

They could not let the demons sleep
Languishing in the child's confusion
The bare thin harness snapped

The child's eyes stared back a callous glare
The demons have no mercy
Scream out for someone else to blame --

A Demon Doesn't Care

Responsibility falls around us all
Some held out the keys to tormenters
Others sat by and watched the fall

The child consumed by it's demons
Unleashed a tornado of turmoil inside
The child searches for victims -- the child no longer cries

There is no turning back what's done
RAGE has felt it's power
A Killer born -- the child found -- cold and numb

Property of Joy Elaine -- October 29, 2001

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