I was very honored to have gotten to read this when Ben wrote it
and was told it was written for me - and with me in mind.


Shadows in the Light
  Musings in the breeze
Lifting up on high
She's caressed within a gust
Seemingly to fly

Thoughts spreading out in ripples
To touch all that they may see
An arc of vibrant colours
High above the trees

The world is full of wonder
A place that's fit for kings
That leaves her feeling stronger
The air beneath her wings

But the sun begins to falter
And turns from warm to cold
The day begins to darken
The world to grow so old

And crashing to the ground
Like a stone into a well
Echoes into darkness
Her musings turn to hell

Reverberating monsters
Scenes from a shady darkened world
Turning, twisting, fighting
They unmake the staunchest girl

Tracks into infinity
Binding through the night
Go on and on forever
With no trace of the engine's light

But like a swimmer bursting forth
To gasp at crisp clean air
She again breaks through the surface
And fights past her despair

The clouds roll back and part
To reveal a magic sight
A newborn baby girl
- to set the world to right. . .

September 2003 Ben Jones